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Who Tweegra Is For & Who It’s NOT For.

If you are reading this, you are probably aware that Tweegra is a marketing agency dealing with growth and content for Social Media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.

But that’s not all!

We provide the full package to leverage your social media presence and increase sales and visibility through your channels. This includes ads, development and even website creation. Basically anything you need in terms of digital marketing and social media. Our uniqueness is that with all of our plans, you get a dedicated account manager who will be available to answer any questions regarding your campaign, social media or marketing in general.

We offer a combination of inbound tools combined with the most effective tools to offer the best service on the market. You will see results immediately, so you don’t have to wait for weeks before seeing the benefits of implementing Tweegra with your Social Media Strategy.

In this post, I want to clarify who Tweegra is for, and who is not for, so that you can make a decision to whether you should subscribe to our plans, and which package suits you the best.

First of all, let’s go through in more detail the different areas of our expertise.


We deal with the growth of channels on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

We offer 3 different plans for each channel:

You can read more about the services here but let me explain in more details what we offer with the different plans, and WHO IT IS/IS NOT FOR.

The GROWTH PLANS range from 90 € + vat / month – 290 € + vat/ month. We can also provide custom plans if you have a special request or more than 1 channel that you want to grow.

Contact our experts if you want to know more about this option.

The differences in the growth plans differ depending on which channel it is.


On Instagram, our cheapest plan (99€) is called Instagrammer Plan for obvious reason. It’s more targeted towards influencers than business accounts.

With the Instagrammer Plan, you get:

– Normal speed of growth ( up to 1500 followers per month)

– Engagement Club ( power likes, max 300 likes)

– Auto-likes towards target accounts

– Personal account manager

– Monthly reports

– No strings attached

With this plan, you get more general followers, as the targeting is not as specific as with our other plans. This is why this plan is more targeted towards influencers who take their personal brand seriously and wish to have an impact with their personal content and the possibility to work with brands in sponsored collaborations.

It’s perfect if you want to try our service to get the know the campaign and how we work and later upgrade to our more advanced plans. The price for this plan is extremely low for the amount of value you receive, and we have seen huge success amongst our influencers that want to grow their account from under 10.000 followers to hundreds of thousands of followers.

With the Normal Plan you get:

– Up to 1000 sales oriented followers per month

– Auto-likes to engage users

– Automatic DMs to all new followers with a Call-to-action

– Personal account manager

– Tailored strategy

– Monthly reports

– No strings attached

The biggest difference here is that the targeting is a bit different from the

Instagrammer Plan and you get followers that are more sales oriented. Hence, this plan is more targeted towards small and medium size businesses who wish to increase their social media presence and sales. Included in this plan is the automatic DMs, a new feature we recently added, that allows you to send out an automatic welcome private message to all of your new followers.

This is a perfect tool to use to start engaging with your followers straight away and have them take an action of your choice. Implementing a strong call to action (CTA) with a link in your welcome message has shown to be very effective to increase clicks. The other difference in this plan is that we will put more work at the beginning of your campaign to find the best accounts to engage with and attract them back to your page.

This plan is for businesses who wish to take their Instagram Growth seriously and grow with organic followers based on the target audience and areas of their choice. The last Growth Plan we offer for Instagram is our

Our Advanced Plan includes the full shebang:

– Up to 2500 targeted sales oriented followers per month

– Auto-likes to engage users

– Engagement Club ( power likes, unlimited)

– Automatic DMs to all new followers with a Call-to-action

– Tailored strategy

– Personal account manager

– Hashtags research

– Monthly reports

– No strings attached

As you can see, this plan includes all the features we offer to provide the fastest speed of growth, automatic DMs (direct private messages), engagement Club with power likes + all the other features from the previous plans.

The Advanced Plan includes a deeper analysis of your account, brand and your target audience, and therefore provide an even more narrow targeting of your new followers. We also provide an even faster growth than the other plans, but you need to have an account that already has at least 2000 followers to be able to activate the fastest growth.

Don’t worry, you can still get the Advanced Plan if you don’t have 2000 followers, but we will need to adjust the speed of growth a bit in the beginning and then speed up the process. As this is our most advanced plan and you get the best service on the market, this plan is for anyone who really wants to leverage their Instagram account, who knows how to use the app and realise the benefit of using Instagram in your marketing strategy.

Basically, anyone who has been using Instagram for a while, have an active account and already have some traction on it and understands that investment is necessary to get the results they desire. None of our growth plans has any strings attached, and you can cancel at any time.


First of all, none of our plans works on private Instagram accounts, so if you have a private account you need to make it public in order for any of our plans to work.

Secondly, our plans are NOT for you if you don’t take Instagram seriously and understand the importance of using it in your marketing plan or personal brand scaling. If you don’t like using Instagram regularly and use your new followers to create connection and an overview of what your target audience wants, then this might not be for you.

Tweegra Growth Service is NOT for haters, pessimists or anyone who don’t appreciate 1000s of new targeted followers per month. Our customers at the moment exist mostly of small to medium size businesses and influencers who benefit daily from our expertise.


With our other channels, the growth plans work in similar ways, the cheapest one offering a slower speed of growth and the more expensive ones includes more features and faster growth.

The same principle applies to who the plans are for, and who they are not for. LinkedIn is a business platform and targeted towards companies or educated individuals with work experience. It’s being used in the marketing strategy of more and more companies who realise the benefit of connecting with other brands and individuals who might be interested in the content the company has to offer.

Our LinkedIn Growth Plans are for those who already have an active LinkedIn profile with valuable content to share with the target audience of your LinkedIn profile. It’s NOT for influencers who simply want to have a big following on social media to be able to get sponsored, as Instagram is a better platform for that.

Pinterest is as you know a picture app, and suitable for bloggers, individuals and brands who want to build a following using saved and original content online. Growing your Pinterest would be perfect if you have a lot of visible content to share and think that you can find others who would love following you for the pictures you share.

Note, that most people using Pinterest are women, so keep that in mind when choosing to use Pinterest to scale your Social Media Presence. Pinterest growth is NOT for you if have no idea what the app is about, don’t have a desire to share pictures or visible content, and don’t think that it’s the right platform to find your target audience.

Twitter Growth is suitable for basically anyone who wants to grow their account with targeted followers by engaging with their content. On Twitter, it’s basically the same principle as Instagram to who it is for and who it is not for, but for our plans to work you need to have an active account.



The other part of Tweegra is our content department. We work with some of the leading content creators in the industry to make sure we provide the best content possible based on your brands or personal wishes in correlation with your branding style and target audience.

Here is what we cover in our CONTENT PLANS:

COPY: We know that sometimes it’s hard to come up with the right words. A beautiful photo without a powerful caption remains just that. Our team of social media copywriters will provide context and depth to your images.

The most effective tone of voice and communication codes will be established. You’ll be discussing relevant topics, engaging with your followers and potential clients.

SCHEDULED POSTING: Not enough time in the day? Let us do the posting for you. This hassle-free option will always keep you in the eyes of your followers. You don’t have to worry about getting behind on your posts again. Your account specialist will review your profile and figure out the most ideal times to post for every day of the week. We will keep track of posting during peak hours and ensure that you achieve the highest reach possible.

E-COMMERCE RETOUCHING: There is no point of convincing you that we live in a digital world and the brick-and-mortar retail model, as we once knew it, is completely gone. Your clients are shopping online whether you provide services, consumer products or experiences. Furthermore, you might have heard that Instagram is rolling out an e-commerce component, where you can sell products/services directly onto the platform. That’s right, your profile will become your new e-commerce channel and your followers will able to shop directly from your page.

Our plans start with 15, 30 or 60 managed posts per month. Your personal content expert will discuss your goals for each month and the right strategies will be put in place. Posts will be organized by various topics and their respective purpose.

We will use the best of your own images and support them with additional photos supplied by us. Additionally, our in-house graphic design team will elevate and enhance your pictures. Your page will be refined and consistent.

Our content plans are perfect for you if you don’t have time or knowledge on how to schedule and produce astonishing content that engages with your audience and make your profile stand out from your competitors.

You might have a lot of pictures taken, but no idea how to edit them and how to write a suitable caption to go with the picture. These plans are for you! Time is another aspect. To plan, edit, write and post your content takes a lot of time, but can be hugely beneficial and the core of your social media marketing.

So if you don’t feel you have the time to do all of this, the Content plans are for you.

Those who are always creating beautiful content and producing it at the perfect time regularly and consistently. You probably won’t need our help 😉 It’s not for anyone who does not see the value of content that is engaging and provides value to your target audience in order to generate sale or leads.

And last, but not least, none of our plans is for those who do not think Social Media is as interesting and fun as we do, and want to become superstars within their field in how to leverage their business and brand awareness!

I hope this gave you a better idea of how Tweegra works and what our different plans include.

If you think they are for you, contact our experts for a free consultation!

Love Tess (@vanlifertess)