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How to choose the best Hashtags for Instagram

In the path taken on Instagram, whether it sees us recently or since the birth of the platform, we all have wondered how to choose the best hashtags for Instagram.

This happens because we grasp the potential of using the ” right ” hashtags for our publications but often we don’t fully understand what the evaluations we should do when we find ourselves choosing the hashtags and the effect they could have on our contents.

Well, in this article I will try to clarify the point and direct you towards the most practical and effective methods to use Instagram for your benefit and to fully understand how to choose the best hashtags for Instagram. Let’s start!

How to choose the best hashtags for Instagram – What is a hashtag?

Before getting to the heart of the subject let me make an initial preamble that as far as it may seem trivial I can guarantee you that it is not at all, that is, what is a hashtag?

I asked myself this question when, for the first time, I found myself having to rattle off the meaning of the words niche, viral content and similar concepts.

How to choose the best hashtags for Instagram – The search for hashtags

Ok, after a few minutes of reflection you have understood where to place your content and what sphere of interests you would like to propose it, right?

So you’re ready to figure out how to actually find the hashtags to use.
In this regard, Instagram helps you with the banal search tool.

The analysis phase
Let’s start from the basics, analyze the single photo and try to understand which hashtags you might want to insert. Ask yourself:

  • What’s in the picture?
  • What elements make up the scene?
  • What do I want to emphasize?
  • Who is the potential user who could appreciate my photo and what interests it has?

I hypothesize that in the picture there is my beautiful puppy, and I want to get it to all those who can be animal lovers (especially dogs) in order to talk to them about how important it is not to leave dogs for summer holidays of all respect, which for sure will be able to involve many to interact with your post thus creating a good engagement).

Analyze the contents before choosing the hashtags

Last thought not to be underestimated: do you address yourself to a national or international audience?

(Language selection is not just a question of language skills in itself but a commercial choice. Instagram today, fortunately, translates captions just like Facebook, but for the hashtags to be used and the public to reach the choice is up to you ).

As you can see, you already have some fundamental elements:

The subject (the dog)
The potential audience (animal lovers)
The categories (animals, domestic, departures)
The theme (the mission of the post)

You already have everything to choose the best hashtags!

How to exploit correlates
At this point, go to Instagram and type the hashtag #cane (or dogs); in case you have decided to play on the international field, you will write #dog and the like, applying it to our research.

Instagram will give us a whole selection of posts that have as dog hashtags, but more importantly, it will give us a whole selection of related hashtags, that is those that the algorithm inserts in the same vein of contents.

Learn to select the appropriate hashtags

Here it will be enough to go and look at the individual hashtags (explore their popular): observe what kind of content they propose, if in some way they are aligned to what you want to express or if they are detached from the theme; in fact you could even find inside suits for dogs, parks for dogs, injured dogs, rich dogs, famous dogs and so on.

Choose mainly those that are best suited to what you want to express, both in terms of thematic content and in the specific photo!

Therefore, do not dwell only on the hashtags that strictly refer to the dog itself, but also consider those that directly or indirectly touch the theme of abandonment and the like. The more you embrace the topic you are dealing with, the more chances you will have to reach the audience that is looking for that photo. Clearly, I took the dog as an example, but the mental scheme must be applied to all subjects and subjects.

Mark the hashtags in a notebook and proceed with your search until you have found enough to make your post more effective.

And here the question arises: how many hashtags should I use? And how big do they have to be?

How to choose the best hashtags for Instagram – The selection of hashtags

On the question “how many hashtags should I use” there have been several updates and today there are still several currents of thought: those who put a few, those who put so many, those who put them at random.

What I know for sure is that Instagram has never suggested using a specific quantity, but rather to provide a maximum of 30 per post (at the moment even added between caption and comment).

The fact that a car goes to a maximum of 300km / h, however, does not mean that we must necessarily drive at that speed as often as we can, therefore consider the idea of exploiting the hashtags at your leisure and benefit, apart from the number allowed.

What about the size of the hashtags to use?
As for the size of the hashtags to be used, you have to think purely about a quality discourse at the expense of quantity.

This is because, as you can imagine, posting a photo that has the notorious “Travel” as a hashtag will put you in competition with millions and millions of other posts with which to jostle to emerge, and unless you manage Beyoncé’s account. usage seems to me not very productive (and I’m pretty sure that even Beyoncé herself wouldn’t use it).

This is outside the considerations of relevance and thematic efficacy that it can have in our post, which we evaluated before.

What I can advise you is to relate the size of the hashtags you choose precisely to the size of your account, the number of followers, the type of audience you want to address it to and to mix the use of more and less large hashtags.

Initially, you could use hashtags from 1000 to 100,000 posts, then gradually go up, until you insert hashtags that reach half a million posts. Currency very carefully if it is appropriate to include hashtags that touch the million.
Over a million, in case you manage a small profile (1-10k), it is really useless, except in exceptional cases.

As your profile grows, obviously you will be referring to increasingly more competitive and strong hashtags, also and above all trending ones, that is trend, which Instagram often suggests you to follow; but always remember that the more they are relevant to you and your content, the more effective they will be, as on the other hand someone with interests very similar to the one you post will find your content and appreciate it, potentially becoming a new follower.

How can I choose the best hashtags for Instagram if I don’t use the description in posts?

Ask me: do you use the description in the posts? Do you write interesting things? Match your photos with a thought, a reflection, anything that talks about what you’ve published?

If not, seriously consider starting, good old Mark (CEO of FB and IG) said that “those who do not use descriptions in posts exploit the potential of Instagram only in half”.

But what do you do if the contents don’t come to your mind and even if you squeeze yourself for hours it doesn’t come on anything?
Don’t worry, it can happen, you don’t have to go to the clinic 😄.

As for the selection of hashtags, you can simply focus on the photo, on the content of the shot itself, without necessarily developing a theme or choosing hashtags that revolve around it.

You can still have your chance to emerge and be found on the basis of interests, maybe you will trigger fewer comments or interaction (even if it is not said) but in the end, nobody can really say it.

Choosing the best hashtag is a matter of practice

As you may have guessed, the first few times this research will take time and will require patience, but I can guarantee that the results will be significant and that as the days go by it will become increasingly simple and intuitive.

Obviously, its true effectiveness will be found only by adapting the search to each single post, in order to give more strength to the single content you are proposing.

Not to mention the fact that every time you change your hashtag you’re potentially reaching a new audience, which probably doesn’t know you and doesn’t follow you yet, thus increasing your chances for growth.

I hope you found this article helpful when choosing your hashtags! If you are ready to take your Instagram seriously and grow it with us, book your Free Consultation now!

/Tess @vanlifertess