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Don’t propose on the first date – All sales start with a conversation

Would you propose on the first date with someone? Probably not, right?

You might go on a couple of dates, pay for dinner, tell jokes, encourage valuable conversations and make the other person really trust you before pulling out the ring.

The same principle applies to marketing if you are looking to sell something to a potential client or customer.

Asking them to buy from you straight away usually doesn’t work and it makes sense. Why would you buy anything from someone you don’t know and trust yet?

I talk to a lot of people who seem to think that social media is an exception to this principle. It’s not.

Just because someone is following you doesn’t mean that they will automatically buy the things that you have to offer them. You still need to take them on a date first, or sometimes more than one.

What I mean by that is that you need to start a conversation with them that shows your skills and gives the follower a reason to trust you.

Social media is a great tool to do exactly that. Start conversations with your followers, people that have raised their hands saying they are interested in you and the things you offer.

Provide a lot of value for free before asking them to buy anything from you. That will give them a reason to trust you and therefore, the chance of them buying something from you increases.

There are many ways you can do this, so let me list some ideas that you can try on Instagram and Facebook.

– Offer a free E-book to those who click on the link in your bio (also a great way to collect email addresses of potential customers)

– Write short articles in your captions with advice to help your target audience with their biggest problem
– Create story videos where you give personal tips and tricks on how to help your target audience
– Ask them via DMs what their biggest obstacle is right now to reach their goals, and offer a free coaching session
– Comment and engage with your target audience account and look for a chance to help them for free…….
and much more.

– Promote free webinars on your page where you talk about how you can help your target audience solve their biggest issues.
– Share short articles where you write about your experience and how you can help others.
– make short videos where you give tips and advice to your target audience
– engage in Facebook groups in your target audience and share valuable information that can help the people in the group.
– Write personal messages to people in the same Facebook groups as you providing free advice or a coaching call….
and much more.

I think you get the idea. Simply remember that no one says yes if you propose on the first date, and hardly anyone buys from you if you keep pushing a product or service to them straight away, without building a relationship first.

I got this message from someone I don’t know on Instagram, and I was stunned at how pushy and unattractive this method is. even if I really wanted the product that they are offering, I would probably never buy it from them!

Don’t propose on the first date, and remember that we can help you with both finding the right followers for your Social Media accounts, AND starting a new conversation with all of them. Get in touch now!


Tess @vanlifertess