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The Most Important Facebook Update in 2019


Facebook Update In 2019 – The Groups Are Taking Over?

As 2019 is almost halfway through, Facebook just launched their newest update. Along with a new design in the look of the app, a big focus will be on creating more privacy and community in 2019.

Mark Zuckerberg stated in this year F8 keynote speech that Facebook is focusing on privacy and building both public and private communities online.
This means that users will be (and have already) been turning more and more towards community groups on Facebook.

The benefits of groups are many, and some I will list in this post, but most importantly….Facebook group can be used very effectively to market events, products, services or other platforms to a targeted group of people.

Groups have been around forever, but since the feed has been spammed with ads and videos of cute cats, the users are turning more towards finding groups to share their content to people who are interested in it.

There are groups for everything and any niche you can imagine. That’s why it’s very smart to use these when you are trying to promote an event, product, service or your brand.

There are some things you should think about though…

1) Don’t be spammy and get kicked out fo the group.

Most groups, especially the private ones, have some rules that all members need to follow. Follow these rules and show respect to the group’s members and owners, so that you won’t get kicked out.

Show respect and rather share value and start conversations than to spam with offers and trying to sell your services. You can read more about the importance of starting conversations before selling here!

2) Share value

Share value that you think will help the people in the group solve the problem that they are having right now. The more you contribute int the group by answering and writing comments, sharing valuable content, the more you response you will get when you share your own services or valuable posts.

3) Connect with the members

Connecting with the members is the most valuable asset in joining a group. They are targeted and have the same interest as you, which means they are more likely to become clients or buy your products.

By writing personal messages to the other members can have a hugely positive effect on building your community organically. You also have a great conversation starter since you are in the same group. 😉

You might have seen the newest update of the Facebook app, and that the groups are more accessible and easy to find. When opening the app you simply click on the group tab in the button (a circle with 3 people inside).

There, you will have an overview of the groups that you are active in, own, and you will also be able to discover and create new groups. The new update of the app has made this feature more user-friendly and accessible.

It will also give you suggestions on groups to join based on your interests and previous groups. For businesses, this can be used to find leads and prospects to engage with to learn about them. The more you know about your target audience the easier it will be to sell anything to them or have them engage with your content.

Use the newly upgraded app to your advantage to find groups that have members with the same interest as you, and start engaging. 🙂

I hope you found this useful, and that you will consider Facebook groups next time you want to spread a positive and valuable message!

/Tess (@vanlifertess)